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Bypassing WAF by abusing SSL/TLS Ciphers
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Helping you find the SSL/TLS Cipher that WAF cannot decrypt and Server can decrypt same time

Referer article: Bypassing Web-Application Firewalls by abusing SSL/TLS



python --help

If you can find keyword or regex when hit the WAF page, you can use:

python -regex "regex" -target

or you cannot find keyword or regex when filter by WAF,you can use:

python -thread 4 -target

Notice: If you are worry about WAF drop the connection, you have better not use -thread option.




Notice: If your operation system is not Windows, you should be modify ,adjust curl and sslscan path & command values.


If you don't know what the type of the WAF, you can compare the html response content length and try to find the bypassing WAF ciphers

knowing the hit WAF page keyword or regex:

When using some SSL/TLS ciphers request the payload URL, If WAF keyword or regex not in html page, there is a way bypassing WAF using Cipher!

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