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build Python 2.7&3.4 release License 中文版

pydictor —— A powerful and useful hacker dictionary builder for a brute-force attack
                      _ _      _
      _ __  _   _  __| (_) ___| |_ ___  _ __
     | '_ \| | | |/ _` | |/ __| __/ _ \| '__|
     | |_) | |_| | (_| | | (__| || (_) | |
     | .__/ \__, |\__,_|_|\___|\__\___/|_|
     |_|    |___/                         


Q: Why I need to use pydictor ?
A: always can help you
      You can use pydictor to generate a general blast wordlist, a custom wordlist based on Web content, a social engineering wordlist, and so on;
      You can use the pydictor built-in tool to safe delete, merge, unique, merge and unique,  count word frequency to filter the wordlist, 
      besides, you also can specify your wordlist and use '-tool handler' to filter your wordlist;

   2.highly customized
      You can generate highly customized and complex wordlist by modify multiple configuration files, 
      add your own dictionary, using leet mode, filter by length、char occur times、types of different char、regex,
      even add customized encode scripts in /lib/encode/ folder, add your own plugin script in /plugins/ folder,
      add your own tool script in /tools/ folder.

   3.powerful and flexible configuration file parsing
      nothing to say,skilled use and you will love it

   4.great compatibility
     whether you are using Python 2.7 version or Python 3.x version , pydictor can be run on Windows, Linux or Mac;

legal disclaimer

1. Usage of pydictor for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. 
2. It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws.
3. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.


git clone --depth=1 --branch=master
cd pydictor/
chmod +x




social engineering dictionary builder

Quick use:

Usage document

API develop document

There's a trick about how to use pydictor: Know what you want type of word list.

All of pydictor can generating wordlist

type wordlist identifier description supported function
core base C1 basic wordlist F1 F2 F3 F4
core char C2 custom character wordlist F1 F2 F3 F4
core chunk C3 permutation and combination wordlist ALL
core conf C4 based on configuration file wordlist ALL
core pattern C5 fastly generate pattern wordlist F2 F3 F4
core extend C6 extend wordlist based on rules ALL
core sedb C7 social engineering wordlist ALL
tool combiner T1 combine the specify directory files tool
tool comparer T2 compare two file content difference tool ALL
tool counter T3 word frequency count tool ALL
tool handler T4 handle the input file tool ALL
tool uniqbiner T5 combine and unique the directory files tool ALL
tool uniqifer T6 unique the input file tool ALL
tool hybrider T7 hybrid couples word list tool F1 F2 F3 F4
tool printabler T8 filter printable character tool ALL
plugin birthday P1 birthday keyword wordlist in specify datetime scope ALL
plugin ftp P2 against keyword generate ftp password wordlist ALL
plugin pid4 P3 id card last 4 char wordlist ALL
plugin pid6 P4 id card last 6 char wordlist ALL
plugin pid8 P5 id card last 8 char wordlist ALL
plugin scratch P6 wordlist based on web pages keywords ALL

function code

function code description
len F1 the scope of length
head F2 add items prefix
tail F3 add items suffix
encode F4 encode the items
occur F5 filter by occur times of letter、digital、special chars
types F6 filter by types of letter、digital、special chars
regex F7 filter by regex
level F8 set the word list rule level
leet F9 enable 1337 mode
repeat F10 filter by consecutive repeat times of letter、digital、special chars

encode function supported encodings and encryptions

name description
none default, don't encode
b16 base16 encode
b32 base32 encode
b64 base64 encode
des des algorithm, need modify code
execjs execute js function, need modify code
hmac hmac message digest algorithm
md5 md5 message digest algorithm output 32 char
md516 md5 message digest algorithm output 16 char
rsa rsa algorithm, need modify code
sha1 sha-1 message digest algorithm
sha256 sha-256 message digest algorithm
sha512 sha-512 message digest algorithm
url url encode
test a custom encode method example

occur function

Usage : --occur [letters_occur_times_range] [digital_occur_times_range] [special_chars_occur_times_range]

Example: --occur ">=4" "<6" "==0"

types function

Usage : --types [letters_types_range] [digital_types_range] [special_types_range]

Example: --types "<=8" "<=4" "==0"

repeat function

Usage : --repeat [letters_repeat_times] [digital_repeat_times] [special_repeat_times]

Example: --repeat "<=3" ">=3" "==0"

regex function

Usage : --regex [regex]

Example: --regex "^z.*?g$"

level function

Usage : --level [level]

Example: --level 4 level >= 4 will be work in /funcfg/extend.conf

default leet table

leet char = replace char, and in /funcfg/leet_mode.conf

a = 4
b = 6
e = 3
l = 1
i = 1
o = 0
s = 5
0            default,replace all
1            left-to-right, replace all the first encountered leet char
2            right-to-left, replace all the first encountered leet char
11-19        left-to-right, replace the first encountered leet char to maximum code-10 chars   
21-29        right-to-left, replace the first encountered leet char to maximum code-20 chars
leet mode code effection table
code old string new string
0 as a airs trees 45 4 41r5 tr335
1 as a airs trees 4s 4 4irs trees
2 as a airs trees a5 a air5 tree5
11 as a airs trees 4s a airs trees
12 as a airs trees 4s 4 airs trees
13 as a airs trees 4s 4 4irs trees
14 as a airs trees 4s 4 4irs trees
... as a airs trees 4s 4 4irs trees
21 as a airs trees as a airs tree5
22 as a airs trees as a air5 tree5
23 as a airs trees a5 a air5 tree5
24 as a airs trees a5 a air5 tree5
... as a airs trees a5 a air5 tree5
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