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xCubed is a discord bot built with Discord.js.
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xCubed is an itteration of K3 (and K4) but this is the final version.





Developer Section

Running the bot - To run the bot you must have node installed, if you would like to have the bot auto-restart then you can use any process manager of your choice. I personally use PM2 but i am soon to move to an entirely custom compiler. See the codeblock below for the node command to run the bot

node index.js

Command Formatting -

module.exports = {
    Triggers: ['commandTriggers'],
    Description: 'Command Description',
    Category: 'Command Category',
    Usage: '{c}',
    Permissions: {
      User: [],
      Bot: ['SEND_MESSAGES']
    Options: {
      Dev: false,
      NSFW: false,
      Cooldown: {
        Enabled: true,
        Time: 0
    Run: async (client, message, paramaters) => {
        // The code for your command goes in this area and below. The code you see above is to set the commands name, triggers, permissions, category, and usage.

Help, I found an issue - If you have found an issue with the bot feel free to fork this repository and fix the issue then open a pull request. If i have found that you have fixed the issue and not made it worse then it will be accepted.

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