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The examples from the Unraveling Flexbox book
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Unraveling Flexbox

This repository contains the code examples from the book Unraveling Flexbox by Landon Schropp.

The examples are built using Middleman, a static site generator.

Running the Examples with Docker

To get started, you'll need to have Git and the latest version of Docker installed.

Next, clone the application's repository and change into that directory.

git clone
cd unraveling_flexbox

Finally, start up the application.

docker-compose up

That's it! The first time the server runs, it may take a little while for the project's Docker container to build. When it's done, you should be able to navigate to localhost:4567 to view the application.

To make a change to an existing file, simply edit the file, save it, and refresh your browser.

Running the Examples Locally

If you'd like, you can run the server outside of a virtual machine. I'd only recommend doing this if you're experienced with setting up a Ruby development environment.

  1. Install the version of Ruby listed in the .ruby-version file.
  2. Install Bundler.
  3. Run bundle install inside this project's directory.
  4. Run bundle exec middleman to start up the project.


This project is organized into the following directories:

  • source: Contains all of the source code for the examples.
  • source/layouts: Contains the main layout file in which all of the examples are included.
  • source/pages: The pages that make the examples. This directory is further divided up into chapter directories.
  • source/stylesheets: The stylesheets for the examples. The organization of the directory is the same as source/pages. The styles for each example contain two files. The first, <page_name>.css, are the styles listed in the book. The second, other_<page_name>_styles.css contain the styles left out of the book.
  • source/images: The images for the examples, organized in the same way as source/pages.


© 2017 Landon Schropp LLC All Rights Reserved

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