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Landon Schropp's Yeoman Generators

This is my personal, opinionated collection of Yeoman generators to make spinning up JavaScript projects easy and enjoyable.

Quick Start

Run the generator of your choice with NPX. NPX allows you to run the generator once without having to install anything. Answer the generator's prompts, and you're done!

npx -p yo -p @landonschropp/generator-<generator> yo @landonschropp/<generator>

For example, to run the ESLint generator:

npx -p yo -p @landonschropp/generator-eslint yo @landonschropp/eslint

You can also see the documentation and options for each generator by including the --help flag.

npx -p -p @landonschropp/generator-eslint yo @landonschropp/eslint --help

The Generators

This project ships with several generators. If you'd like, these generators can all

  • eslint: Adds my personal ESLint configuration to a project.
  • babel: Adds support for Babel along with my standard settings.
  • webpack: Configures Webpack to compile a source JavaScript file using Babel.

If you'd like, you can run any of these generators independently. However, please be aware that some generators depend on others.



To publish all of the packages, set the NODE_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable and then run the following command:

yarn publish-packages

Example Project

While developing a generator, it's common to create an empty directory to run the generator in. Because this is done so frequently, this repository includes a handy script that does this automatically.

yarn set-up-example-project

This script does a few things for you:

  • It automatically calls lerna boostrap so you don't have to.
  • It creates a new example directory, sets it up as a Node package, and initializes a Git repository so you can any changes your package may introduce.
  • It links all of the packages in the packages directory via Yarn.

Once the script is done, all you need to do is change into the example directory and run yo @landonschropp/<generator> to test out one of the generators.


See the todo document for more information on what still needs to be done.

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