Bash completion for Kafka command line utilities.
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Kafka Autocomplete

This repository implements bash completion for some of the Kafka command line utilities.

In order to build and install:

git clone
cd kafka-autocomplete

You will find the completion file under release/kafka. You can source it in your terminal or drop it in /etc/bash_completion.d/. You have to set up bash-completion too, which depends on your distribution of choice.

Currently completion is provided for five utilities:

  • kafka-topics
  • kafka-console-consumer / kafka-avro-console-consumer
  • kafka-console-producer / kafka-avro-console-producer
  • kafka-mirrormaker
  • kafka-acls

We provide completion for options, kafka configs and kafka properties. Especially for kafka-topics if you set the --zookeeper switch, we try to offer completion for topics as well.

kafka autocomplete screenshot

The repository is provide under Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE and NOTICE for more information.