Synthetic avro message generator creating Kafka topics, registering schemas and generating avro messages
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Landoop Avro Generator

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Synthetic avro message generator

  • Creates new Kafka topics with particular number of partitions and replication
  • Registers Avro schemas into the schema-registry
  • Generates sets of i.e. 1 Million Avro messages of particular specifications

The following topics are populated

Kafka Topic Avro messages Versions
generator-text Single field text with 50 to 100 chars payload 1
generator-types Basic Avro types string, boolean, int, long, float, double 1
generator-types-upsert As above, but 1% of the messages contain the same value in field text 1
generator-sql Contains reserved SQL words as fields and also in contents 1
generator-shipments Item shipments to stores for e-commerce use-case 1
generator-sales Item sales for e-commerce use-case 1
generator-evolution-widen Testing Avro Evolution type widenning ¹ 2
generator-evolution-add Testing Avro Evolution adding new fields with default value ² 4

¹ float is widenned to double both old and new records are generated

² Keeps adding new fields


mvn clean install


Export 3 system variables

 export BROKERS=""
 export ZK=""

And then execute - by passing in number of messages per set and partitions

 cd target
 ./landoop-avro-generator 1000000 10

Clean up

kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic generator-text
kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic generator-types
kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic generator-types-upsert
kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic generator-sql
kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic generator-shipments
kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic generator-sales
kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic generator-evolution-widen
kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic generator-evolution-add
sleep 2
kafka-topics --zookeeper $ZK --list | grep "generator-"

Delete the _schemas topic

kafka-topics --delete --zookeeper $ZK --topic _schemas
kafka-run-class -server $ZK delete /schema_registry/schema_id_counter

kafka-avro-console-consumer --zookeeper $ZK --topic _schemas --from-beginning