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Deployment of Lenses with Docker container

This template allows you to deploy Lenses as part of an HDInsight cluster with an Apache kafka.

When Lenses started you can use the default credentials admin/admin.

Template Fields

You will need to fill in a few fields to setting up Lenses. The fields are the following:

  • Azure Resource Group (Required)

  • Virtual network (Required)

  • Subnet of the VNET (Required)

  • Lenses License. You can get a license here (Required)

  • Port which will be used to run Lenses. (Required)

  • Kafka Brokers as a comma separated string (Required). For example:

  • Zookeeper as a one-line json payload (Optional). For example:
[{url:"zookeeper.1.url:2181", jmx:"zookeeper.1.url:9585"},{url:"zookeeper.2.url:2181", jmx:"zookeeper.2.url:9585"}]
  • Schema Registry as a one-line json payload (Optional). For example:
  • Connect as a one-line json payload (Optional). For example:
    [{name:"data_science",urls: [{url:"http://connect.worker.1.url:8083",jmx:"connect.worker.1.url:9584"},{url:"http://connect.worker.2.url:8083",jmx:"connect.worker.2.url:9584"}],statuses:"connect-statuses-cluster-a", configs:"connect-configs-cluster-a", offsets:"connect-offsets-cluster-a"}]
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