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…a fast-data-dev) more robust.

Signed-off-by: Marios Andreopoulos <>
Latest commit 8155c06 May 28, 2018

This is a brief example for running Lenses in a minikube kubernetes cluster. We create a Kafka service using landoop/fast-data-dev image, then setup a Lenses service to access Kafka. We demonstrate how to use secrets, in order to protect sensitive info.

For the example to work, you need to add your license.json to this directory.

To run the example you probably have to destroy your minikube cluster and create a new with enough memory. Please evaluate the commands and decide whether you need to create a new minikube cluster.

# Setup minikube
minikube delete
minikube config set cpus 4
minikube config set memory 5120
minikube start

# Create Kafka (please wait a bit for Kafka to start before starting Lenses)
kubectl create -f k8s-kafka.yml

# Create Secrets (remember to add license.json to this directory)
kubectl create secret generic lenses-secrets --from-file=./LENSES_SECURITY_USERS --from-file=./LENSES_SECURITY_GROUPS --from-file=./license.json

# Create Lenses (needs a few seconds to start)
kubectl create -f k8s-lenses.yml

# Checkout Lenses. Default admin credentials are admin/admin
minikube service lenses --url

# Once finished, clean up
kubectl delete service lenses kafka fast-data-dev-ui
kubectl delete pod lenses kafka
minikube stop