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Memory and math skills randomized-number matching game
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Memory and math skills randomized-number matching game

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, custom web fonts, GitHub. App generates random play numbers and tracks player's score.

Game assigns random numbers to the Match Number and each of four gyphs. The player must determine what numbers have been assigned to each of the four glyphs by clicking each at least once, and then use a combination of those numbers to exactly match the Match Number in order to win. Game tracks number of rounds won and lost, and a message area informs the player whether they have won or lost each round.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make the number on the right match the number on the left.

This you must do by selecting from the four glyphs, each one of which has a fixed, randomly assigned number which is unknown to you until you click it.

If your sequence of numbers equals the game number, you win the round. If your number exceeds the game's number, you lose that round.

Whether you win or lose, all new numbers will then be chosen, and the game will begin anew.

play the game:


©2018 Richard Trevillian
University of Richmond, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
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