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A memory challenge game built with React
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A memory challenge game built with React

React, Node, JavaScript (ES6), Yarn, Heroku, CSS, Bootstrap. SPA (Single-Page Application) built with React.js




reactr challenges the limits of your short-term memory with sixteen glyphs.

reactr is a client-side only React.js single-page application. The Master component holds the state of game play and renders all other components: NavBar (which renders NavStatus, which also holds state to determine and display the correct/incorrect click message), Jumbo (the Bootstrap jumbotron) title header, the GameBox and its render-mapped GamePieces, and the Footer.

UI designed with CSS-customized Bootstrap components. Built in Node.js with Yarn using Visual Studio Code, source code hosted on GitHub, app deployed to Heroku.

Game play is straightforward: start clicking individual glyphs, but challenge yourself to remember each glyph you have clicked so that you don't pick the same glyph twice. Game remembers your highest score from all previous game rounds; try to get your high score to the maximum of 16. To clear the current high score and begin a new round of games, click on "reactr :: reset" at the bottom right in the footer. Click on the "GitHub" link at the bottom left to take you back to the source code repository.

©2018 Richard Trevillian
University of Richmond, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
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