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Interplanetary battle themed RPG (role-playing game)
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Interplanetary battle themed RPG (role-playing game)

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, universal system fonts, GitHub. RPG (role-playing game) with randomized attack display graphics keeps score of battles against multiple opponents using Attack Points and Hit Points. User may choose any character as their player.

Because you didn't get that sparkly space pony when you were 8, as an adult you have legally changed your name to SystemLord and are bent on conquering the planets in your local star system for all eternity, or at least until your parents get back from Aldebaran.

Each planet has a different level of Health Points which are displayed next to it's name. Each planet also has a different level of Attack Points which are unknown to you until you engage in battle.

The Attack Points of the planet you choose as your Capital will increase by the amount of its initial Attack Points on each successive attack. The Attack Points of the Defender world will remain the same for every attack.

Note that when you choose a planet as your Capital, it's Attack Points will be different from the Attack Points of that same planet in it's role of Defender.

You will most likely need to conduct multiple campaigns in order to figure out which planet to choose as your Capital, and in which order you should attack the other planets, in order to be able to subdue them all without your world being defeated in the process.

Follow the instruction prompts and info in the message area at the top under the game title, and may the Schwartz be with you.

play the game:


©2018 Richard Trevillian
University of Richmond, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
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