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Train schedule time tracker with database entry functionality
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Train schedule time tracker with database entry functionality

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Firebase, MomentJS, GitHub, responsive web design (RWD). Retrieves data from Firebase Realtime Database and performs time calculations with MomentJS.

Application displays a list of trains and their information (name, route, frequency, next arrival time, and minutes away countdown timer) based on data stored in a Firebase Realtime Database.

MomentJS library is used to get current time and perform scheduling calculations based on a first departure time and frequency pulled from the database. Also used to format integers and time objects into displayed clock format time.

Also included is a database front-end interface form that allows the user to add a new train to the database and displayed schedule.

track some trains:


©2018 Richard Trevillian
University of Richmond, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
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