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A random destination finder: directions, info, maps, closest city, and wifi. MERN full stack web app.
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Not all those who wander are lost.

MERN full stack web application created in React with a Mongo NoSQL database and Mongoose ODM, using an Express server running in Node. Custom user auth courtesy of Steven M Carpenter utilizing bCrypt to hash passwords stored in the database. The app gathers and cross-references information from three separate APIs: geoNames for feature data, ezcmd for nearby inhabited place info including postal codes, and Wigle for global crowdsourced locations of all known wifi hotspots. Axios is used for both internal database and external API calls, and custom CSS augments responsive Bootstrap components.




WanderList is a world-wide random destination finder:

It's easy to get information about places you already know... but how do you find hidden gems you've never heard of?

Choose a type of point-of-interest from a list of hundreds of natural and man-made feature types, and define the scope of your search to be the entire planet, a country, or a region. When you hit the SEARCH button, WanderList will find all matching features (if any) in your defined area and select one at random to return as the result.

The app will provide linked text to six types of info about the returned destination. Three links provide searches for the feature's name, type, and country the feature is located in. Three additional links provide a map of the feature itself, directions from the inhabited city, town or village (if any) closest to the feature, and a map of all wifi hotspots in the vicinity.

The SEARCH function is available to all users. Users can also create an profile and log in to access their own SAVED list of interesting search results. Locations are saved by clicking the SAVE button included on each feature card. Saved features can be deleted using the DELETE button on each card in their personal SAVED list.

© Richard Trevillian

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