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Multiple-choice quiz with individually timed question slides
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Wilderness Survival Quiz

Multiple-choice quiz with individually timed question slides

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Google Fonts, GitHub, responsive web design (RWD). Timed quiz with countdown timer clock and timeout-triggered functionality.

Are you knowledgeable enough to successfully face the potential challenges of a seriously awesome adventure in the wilderness? Take this timed quiz and find out!

You have 60 seconds to answer each question. After you answer each question, or if your time runs out, the correct answer and an explanation of the correct solution will be briefly displayed before the next question is presented.

After all 33 questions have been answered (or not answered), your score will be displayed, along with an evaluation of what your score means in terms of how wildnerness prepared you are.

take the quiz:


©2018 Richard Trevillian
University of Richmond, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
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