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This is my graduation project of dotnet core version
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Danvic.PSU is my graduation project of dotnet core version, this is a ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC project

Get Started

  • First you need to restore nuget packages to add used packages in this project, also you can build solution to achieve this target.
  • Second you need to set sql connection string according to your own configuration, the config info at the appsettings.json file, the config node is SQLConnection which under the ConnectionStrings node.
  • Third and last you just need to set the PSU.Site as the startup project and then run it.

Using Things

  • Project Framework: ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC
  • ORM: Entity Framework Core(using Code-First to create database)
  • SQL Engine: MySQL Server 8.0
  • Permission Validation: Policy-Based Authorization
  • UI Template: AdminLte(a open source ui template based on Bootstrap 3.x, this repository address is
  • Tables Control: Jquery Datatables
  • Data Visualization Control: ECharts
  • Log: NLog

Layer Introduction

  • 01_Entity: database entity layer, contains a system component of PSU.Entity
    1. PSU.Entity: a class library which used to store the C# object entity corresponding to the table in the database
  • 02_Infrastructure: basic structural layer, contains two system component PSU.EFCore and PSU.Utility
    1. PSU.EFCore: a class library which add EF Core to operate database
    2. PSU.Utility: a class library which contains some useful code helper class like json convert helper, html convert helper etc.
  • 03_Logic: business logic layer, contains two system component PSU.Domain and PSU.Repository
    1. PSU.Domain: a class library which achieve interfaces of PSU.IService
    2. PSU.Repository: a class library which contains some functions where using linq to achieve some operate of PSU.Domain
  • 04_Rule: business rules layer, contains two system component PSU.IService and PSU.Model
    1. PSU.IService: a class library which definition business rules
    2. PSU.Model: a class library which contains view model of site pages model
  • Controller.PSU: controller of mvc
  • PSU.Site: a mvc project template(without controller), using areas to distinguish different roles

Page effect

login page administrator home page student home page

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