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"It's turtles all the way down"
Copyright (C) Rehno Lindeque, 2011.
This package contains the LangLang specifications, policies and other documentation in
development. If you are looking for a LangLang compiler we recommend looking at "chomp"
which can be found at
It has not yet been decided exactly what licensing model should be used on documents.
However, the information is publicly viewable and most likely a permissive license in
the spirit of MIT/BSD will be used. It is also likely that this information will be
moved to a "wiki-like" service in the future.
Currently the following directory structure is being used:
trash/ - Contains more-or-less discarded or "throw-away" documents that are
occasionally useful to reference but tends to get extremely out of
notes/ - Very rough brainstorming ideas and notes
specification/ - More formal specification documents
papers/ - Papers intended for peer-reviewed publication
All of the above are work-in-progress documents and should not be taken as "final".
Once an appropriate framework can be found or built all design documents will be placed
in a wikified framework that encourages colaboration and peer-review, history, release
tags, semantic meta-data etc.