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This repository contains the content for the website.

To add a blog post you need to simply create a new file within the /_posts/ directory and it has to be named For example This should be the date that you post the blog post and not the date the journal club was held. You should also write the title in the below section and make sure that the file ends with the ".md" extension. Also, note that italics, bold, and other formatting settings will not be carried over if you copy the text from elsewhere (but you can do that formatting in markdown as well!).

Once you make the new .md file you need to place:

published: true
post_snippet: INSERT_TEXT_HERE

At the top of the file (or you can replace published:true with published:false if you want to simply save it as a draft and wait to publish it later). For example.

The text following post_snippet is the preview of the post that will be shown on the Blog page under the post title.

Note that if you do not specify a title it will be the "Name-of-Post" part of the post file-name. It is better to specify the title yourself so that you can indicate which words should be capitalized.

Formatting is done using Markdown. This Markdown Cheatsheet might come in handy.

Lastly, instead of editing directly on github, you can use which provides a nicer web-based user interface for editing.


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