TiMBL implements several memory-based learning algorithms. This is the server part.
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TimblServer 1.1 (c) CLS/ILK/CLiPS 1998 - 2018

Tilburg Memory Based Learner -- Server https://languagemachines.github.io/timbl/

Centre for Language Studies, Radboud University Nijmegen
Induction of Linguistic Knowledge Research Group, Tilburg University and
Centre for Dutch Language and Speech, University of Antwerp

This is the Server part of Timbl.

TiMBL is an open source software package implementing several memory-based learning algorithms, among which IB1-IG, an implementation of k-nearest neighbor classification with feature weighting suitable for symbolic feature spaces, and IGTree, a decision-tree approximation of IB1-IG. All implemented algorithms have in common that they store some representation of the training set explicitly in memory. During testing, new cases are classified by extrapolation from the most similar stored cases.

For over fifteen years TiMBL has been mostly used in natural language processing as a machine learning classifier component, but its use extends to virtually any supervised machine learning domain. Due to its particular decision-tree-based implementation, TiMBL is in many cases far more efficient in classification than a standard k-nearest neighbor algorithm would be.

Comments and bug-reports are welcome at our issue tracker at https://github.com/LanguageMachines/timblserver/issues or by mailing lamasoftware (at) science.ru.nl. Updates and more info may be found on https://languagemachines.github.io/timbl .

TimblServer is distributed under the GNU Public Licence v3 (see the file COPYING).

This software has been tested on:

  • Intel platforms running several versions of Linux, including Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora (both 32 and 64 bits)
  • MAC platform running OS X 10.10


  • GCC (use 4.8 or later)
  • Clang

Contents of this distribution:

  • Sources
  • Licensing information ( COPYING )
  • Installation instructions ( INSTALL )
  • Build system based on GNU Autotools
  • Example data files ( in the demos directory )
  • Documentation ( in the docs directory )

Dependencies: To be able to succesfully build TiMBL from the tarball, you need the following pakages:

To install TimblServer, first consult whether your distribution's package manager has an up-to-date package for TimblServer. If not, for easy installation of everything concerning TiMBL and all dependencies, it is included as part of our software distribution LaMachine: https://proycon.github.io/LaMachine .

To compile and install manually from source instead, provided you have all the dependencies installed:

$ bash bootstrap.sh $ ./configure $ make $ make install

(See the INSTALL file for more details)