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Plugin for supporting the Martin Fowler Feature Toggle through configuration and conventions

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Grails Feature Toggles Plugin Build Status

This is a fork of the recognized Feature Toggles plugin.


grails install-plugin feature-toggle

Dependency info: compile ":feature-toggle:0.2".


The feature toggles plugin provides Tag Libraries and dynamic methods to implement configurable features within the Grails application. Feature Toggles are a pattern proposed by Martin Fowler as an alternative to feature branching.


The plugin provides multiple facilities to encapsulate functionality in the application that can toggle whether or not specific functionality is available. Within GSPs, the mechanism is the <g:toggle /> tag.

<g:toggle feature="myNiftyFeature">
    <h1>Hello World</h1>

You can also use the injected withFeature method in controllers and services (for now) to limit the execution of code components to the enablement of the feature.

withFeature("myNiftyFeature") { ->
    log.debug("Hello World")

As of Version 0.2, We now support the ability to toggle controller actions through the grails.feature.toggle.annotations.Feature annotation.

class MyController {
    @Feature(name="myFeature", responseStatus=404, responseRedirect="/foo/bar")
    def myAction() {

You may provide the status returned when the feature is disabled or the URL to redirect to when the feature is disabled.


Features are configured in the Config.groovy file in the features block.

features {
    myNiftyFeature {
        enabled = false
        description = "my feature is pretty cool"

You can place this block inside of the per environment configuration (particularly useful!) and also in an overriding block.

You can also disable ALL features that are tagged for toggle by explicitly stating so in the config.

features {
    disableAll = true

Runtime Changes

Once you've deployed your application, you may want to change the enablement or disablement of different features on the fly. You can use the controller at /features in your deployed application to see a list of all configured feature toggles and links to enable and disable each feature indiviudally.

In the case that disableAll is set to true, all features will appear disabled. If you enable any feature when disableAll is true, then you will override disableAll and give yourself the control to disable and enable individual features.

You can also download the current config data so you can take the current runtime configuration and install it for additional deployments.


If you would like to publish to an external repo, you can specify mavenInfo.groovy in the config file as specified here.

Plugin Contributions

Please use this plugin! If you encounter issues, please open an issue in GitHub.


Plugin for supporting the Martin Fowler Feature Toggle through configuration and conventions






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