A handy Ruby script to take a markdown file, convert it, and upload it to Confluence.
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A simple Ruby script to automate the conversion of Markdown files to Confluence storage format and then upload them to a Confluence server. It uses markdown2confluence to get the markdown to Confluence wiki format and then the confluence-soap to convert wiki format to storage format and then upload to Confluence.


$ ./md2confl.rb -s <SPACE_NAME> -i <PAGE_ID>

A full list of options can be found by running md2confl.rb --help:

Usage: md2confl.rb [options...] -s <SPACE_NAME> -i <PAGE_ID>
assumes defaults that can be set in options parsing...
    -i, --pageId PAGE_ID             REQUIRED. The Confluence page id to upload the converted markdown to.
    -s, --space SPACE_NAME           REQUIRED. The Confluence space name in which the page resides.
    -f, --markdownFile FILE          Path to the Markdown file to convert and upload. Defaults to 'README.md'
    -c, --server CONFLUENCE_SERVER   The Confluence server to upload to. Defaults to 'http://confluence.example.com'
    -u, --user USER                  The Confluence user. Can also be specified by the 'CONFLUENCE_USER' environment variable.
    -p, --password PASSWORD          The Confluence user's password. Can also be specified by the 'CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD' environment variable.
    -v, --verbose                    Output more information
    -h, --help                       Display this screen


This assumes you have a functioning version of Ruby that's at least 1.9.3 (I tested with 2.1.1) and have Bundler installed.

bundle install