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LaraPass v2 Translations

This is a repository of all the translation files used in LaraPass v2 (for Personal, Teams & SaaS Versions).

What is LaraPass v2?

LaraPass v2 is a self-hosted password manager build with privacy, security and data ownership in mind. LaraPass v2 comes in 3 versions - Personal, Teams & SaaS versions. You can find out more details about LaraPass v2 at

How to contribute

Before contributing, ensure a request for the same langauge/transalations has not been placed by anyone else before. All contributions made will be duly credit in here as well as on the our official website.

Follow the steps below for contributing to this repo:

  • Step 1 : Create an issue with the title - 'Creating Translations for {langague}({locale}) Language' so we can keep track of any undertakings. Ex: Creating Translations for Spanish (ES) Langauge or Updating Translations for Spanish (ES) Langauge (if your language doesn't exists in the list).
  • Step 2 : Fork this repo.
  • Step 3 : Create a new directory inside the src directory with in the shorthand of your locale (Ex: English - en, Spanish - es, Arabic - ar, etc).
  • Step 4 : Copy all the files from the src/en directory into your newly created one.
  • Step 5 : Translate all the files and send a PR for the same. If more than one person is interested in contributing for the same langauge, we would appreciate if you can coordinate with each other to make the process easier.

DO NOT change the text/name of the attributes in the translations files. Any word that is preceeded by a ':' is an attribute that will be replaced by the app. Ex- :name , :url , :address , :title , etc.

Languages Availables in LaraPass v2

The table below shows all the languages currently available in the production version of LaraPass v2.

Language Status Translated Files (Main) Pending Files (Main) Vendor - AuthLogs | Backups | Cookie
English (EN) ✔️ Available 15 0 ✔️ | ✔️ | ✔️
Spanish (ES) Pending 3 12 ✔️ | ✔️ | ✔️
French (FR) Pending 3 12 | ✔️ | ✔️
German (DE) Pending 0 15 | ✔️ | ✔️
Danish (DA) Pending 0 15 | ✔️ | ✔️
Czech (CS) Pending 0 15 | ✔️ | ✔️
Dutch (NL) Pending 0 15 | ✔️ | ✔️
Polish (PL) Pending 0 15 | ✔️ | ✔️
Russian (RU) Pending 0 15 | ✔️ | ✔️
Turkish (TR) Pending 0 15 | ✔️ | ✔️


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