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Menu package for Laravel, build it/extend it with classes, and render it how you want to from a collection/array/json or to bootstrap markup
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Laralabs Menu

Simple, extendable menu package for Laravel.

You define how it renders, the package just gives you the data to do it with.

  • Attach to a blade file via a view composer.
  • Pass data into a Vue component, or do whatever you want with it!

🚀 Quick Start


Require the package in the composer.json of your project.

composer require laralabs/menu

Publish the configuration file.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laralabs-menu-config

Not much in the configuration file at the moment, but you can choose to register your menus in here if you wish.


Add the ResolveMenus middleware to your app/Http/Kernel.php in the $middleware array:

    protected $middleware = [
        // Existing Middleware

Currently there are no make commands, but there are example menus found in the tests/Fakes directory.

Build a class that extends Laralabs\Menu\Contracts\Menu and implement the required methods.

Extenders can be built by creating a class that extends implements Laralabs\Menu\Contracts\MenuExtender, edit the menu and then return then return it out of the handle method with the closure $next($menu).

Quick example of creating a menu in the build() method:

    public function build(): void
        $this->menu->group('groupOne', static function (Group $group) {
            $group->item('Group One, Item One', function (Item $item) {
                $item->subItem('Sub Item');

📙 Documentation

Documentation TBC, take a look at the tests :)

💬 Support

Please raise an issue on GitHub if there is a problem.

🔑 License

This is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License.

🙏 Credits

Adapted from Maatwebsite/Laravel-Sidebar for my own requirements, thank you to everyone at Maatwebsite for the work they do. Also, theirs might have a feature mine doesn't so go check it out too!

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