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LaraQuiz: Laravel 5.3 based quiz system

It is a demo project for demonstrating what can be generated with QuickAdminPanel tool. LaraQuiz was mostly generated with QuickAdmin except for some custom code.

It's an open-source version of online Laravel quiz at - but the system can be used for any quiz project, you just fill in different topics and questions.

LaraQuiz screenshot

LaraQuiz screenshot 2

How to use

Using Docker

Without Docker

  • Clone the repository with git clone
  • Copy .env.example file to .env and edit database credentials there
  • Run composer install
  • Run php artisan key:generate
  • Run php artisan migrate --seed (it has some seeded data for your testing)
  • Now you can login as admin: launch the main URL and login with default credentials - password
  • Fill in the database with topics, questions and options
  • For social login - fill in the credentials of your social apps in .env file
  • That's it - allow people to register and take quizzes!


Basically, feel free to use and re-use any way you want.