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Laravel Roles Permissions Admin - Spatie version

This is a Laravel 5.4 adminpanel starter project with roles-permissions management based on Spatie Laravel-permission package, AdminLTE theme and

We've also created almost identical project based on Joseph Silber's Bouncer package: see here

Part of this project was generated automatically by QuickAdminPanel system.

Roles Permissions screenshot


This is not a package - it's a full Laravel project that you should use as a starter boilerplate, and then add your own custom functionality.

  • Clone the repository with git clone
  • Copy .env.example file to .env and edit database credentials there
  • Run composer install
  • Run php artisan key:generate
  • Run php artisan migrate --seed (it has some seeded data - see below)
  • That's it: launch the main URL and login with default credentials - password

This boilerplate has one role (administrator), one permission (users_manage) and one administrator user.

With that user you can create more roles/permissions/users, and then use them in your code, by using functionality like Gate or @can, as in default Laravel, or with help of Spatie's package methods.


The MIT license.


We are not responsible for any functionality or bugs in AdminLTE, Laravel-permission or Datatables packages or their future versions, if you find bugs there - please contact vendors directly.

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