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Laravel Admin Panel SleepingOwl

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SleepingOwl Admin is an administrative interface builder for Laravel. Completely free


  • Laravel > 5.5 - 5.8 (PHP < 7.1.3)
  • Laravel 6.* (PHP >= 7.2)
  • Laravel 7.* (PHP >= 7.2.5)
  • Laravel 8.* (PHP >= 7.3)
  • Laravel 9.* (PHP >= 8.0)
  • Laravel 10.* (PHP >= 8.1)

Lumen is NOT supported(((

Documentation new ver.9

Powered by Laravel 5.5 - 10+. (latest tested version 10.48.2)

Install ver 8.* (last Released)

Install SleepingOwl Admin

composer require laravelrus/sleepingowl:8.*

Install ver 7.*

  1. Install SleepingOwl Admin

composer require laravelrus/sleepingowl:7.*


If you upgrade the old version change in composer.json

"laravelrus/sleepingowl": "^7.*"

after run composer update laravelrus/sleepingowl

and run php artisan sleepingowl:update for update assets

  1. Run this command in the terminal (if you want to know more about what exactly this command does, see install command documentation):
php artisan sleepingowl:install


  1. By default, admin module uses Laravel authentication.

If you want to use auth, you can run artisan command php artisan make:auth ( and append middleware auth to config/sleeping_owl.php

'middleware' => ['web', 'auth']
  1. Setting up middleware

By default auth middleware use default guard, selected in config/auth.php

'defaults' => [
  'guard' => 'web', <- default
  1. If you are using some package for ACL like (Laratrust, Zizaco Entrust, etc...)
'middleware' => ['web', 'role:admin'],


'middleware' => ['web', 'permission:admin'],

Copyright and License

Admin was written by Sleeping Owl for the Laravel framework and is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.