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The Laravel 8 scaffolder you wanted but never got, until now!

Use a single YAML file to create models, migrations, factories, seeders, pivot tables... everything with braindead easy syntax.


  • PHP 7.3, or PHP 8
  • Laravel 8.x


Install this package using Composer directly inside your development packages.

composer require larawiz/larawiz --dev


If is your first time using Larawiz, publish the sample YAML files into the larawiz/ directory:

php artisan larawiz:sample

Check it out and play with it. Once you're done, scaffold your project with this artisan command:

php artisan larawiz:scaffold

Larawiz will automatically create the files needed to set up your project like magic.

Safety first

Larawiz will automatically copy your app and some of your database directories as backups every time you scaffold. It only deletes the migrations folder.

You can find it in your application default storage path under the storage/larawiz/backups directory, and copy them over your project directory if you need to "backtrack" on something.

Generating your app

Larawiz uses braindead easy syntax, so you shouldn't need to read the docs:

    name: string
    email: string
    password: string
    publications: hasMany

    title: string
    body: longText
    author: belongsTo

...but if you want more customization, go ahead to the documentation since it explains everything: table names, fillable properties, pivot models, primary keys, timestamps, soft-deletes, factories, etc.


This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Laravel is a Trademark of Taylor Otwell. Copyright © 2011-2021 Laravel LLC.