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Python Shell
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L1 - 2019


  1. Linux - bash, ssh, scp, tmux, htop, kill, killall, pipe operator, ls, sed, vim, cat
  2. Docker - Dockerfile, docker-compose, containers in general
  3. Python - pip, virtualenv, requirements, tox
  4. Parallelize computation in Python


  1. Write shell (Bash) scripts, which:

    • copies certain files from one machine to another
    $ ./ <user@source-machine-IP:/path/to/files> <user@target-machine-IP:/path/to/files> <file-1> <file-2> ... <file-N>
    • runs an infinite command in background and kills the command (use: &, kill/killall/pidof)
    $ ./ <command-to-run>
    $ ./ <command-to-run>
    • filters an random data stream (use: /dev/urandom. sed/tr)
    $ ./
  2. Proof that you can use Vim:

    • find an expression
    • jump to line
    • substitute a single character
    • substitute a whole expression
    • save changes
    • exit Vim (2 ways)
  3. Write your own Dockerfile and create a script which builds and publishes it on: Use following keywords in your Dockerfile:

    • FROM
    • RUN
    • ADD
    • ENV
    • ARG
    • CMD
    $ ./ </path/to/Dockerfile>
  4. Create a docker-compose manifest with 2 containers, which communicate with each other. For example use a nginx docker for hosting some content and another curl container, which checks if the resource is available. Use docker-compose version 3 and following service attributes:

    • links
    • restarts
    • resources
    $ docker-compose up
  5. Parallelization of computations in Python. Use the prepared code from directory task_5/ to implement a linear regression model:

    • Implement an artificial dataset generator.
    $ python3 scripts/ --num-samples <num-samples> --out-dir </path/to/datasets>
    • Implement linear regression models using:
      • Sequential computations (baseline)
      • Numpy
      • Threaded computation parallelization
      • Process-based computation parallelization
    • Generate plots, which show the execution times of the above models with respect to the size of the dataset
    $ PYTHONPATH=. python3 scripts/ --datasets-dir </path/to/datasets>
    • Ensure the code passes all tests and is well written using tox
    $ tox -v
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