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Dead Ascend

A hand-drawn, open source, point'n'click-like 2D adventure game written in Qt/QML and Javascript.

"A horde of Zombies chased you to the old radio tower. Your only chance is to ascend up through the tower - solving a host of puzzles on your way to your rescue."


Quick start

Black Grain Games are providing pre-build, ad-based, mobile and tablet versions.

By playing the pre-build versions above you are supporting my (indie) game productions.

Dead Ascend is now also available pre-build for Linux, MacOS and Windows on

DIY Building

You can build the game from command line or with Qt Creator (which usually comes bundled with Qt). It can be downloaded and installed in various ways so please refer to Qt homepage and documentation on howto get Qt Creator.

Once you have a fully working Qt/Qt Creator setup - you are ready to checkout and build "Dead Ascend".

  1. Get codebase from GitHub

    cd /path/to/projects
    git clone
  2. Install project dependencies

    cd /path/to/projects/DeadAscend/extensions/
    git clone
    git clone

    If you are building for Android and/or iOS you also need to setup QtFirebase. Instructions and a working example is available here.

  3. Build

    a. Qt Creator

    • Open /path/to/projects/DeadAscend/ in Qt Creator
    • Choose your kit(s)
    • Add custom process step to build profile: Projects -> Build -> Build steps -> /usr/bin/make / assetsrcc / %{buildDir}/App Extra make target
    • Hit "Run"

    b. Command line

    cd /path/to/DeadAscend
    # BIN_DIR and ASSETS_DIR are optional
    qmake -r "BIN_DIR=/usr/bin" "ASSETS_DIR=/usr/share/deadascend"
    make assetsrcc -C App
    make install

    You can now run ./App/DeadAscend - or if you used BIN_DIR: /usr/bin/DeadAscend

Bugs and issues

If you encounter anything odd with the game feel free to report an issue.

If you're having trouble with QtFirebase please open an issue on the QtFirebase project issue page.

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