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###a collection of GIMP plug-ins. As of now only one plug-in is ready - but it's pretty neat!

Layer export

This plug-in will export your document's layers to the format specified in the File pattern field. You can export the layers based on their visibility by toggling the Visibility drop-down. In the Token drop-down you can choose what the # token in the File pattern field should be substituted with:

  • # = Layer name will replace # with the layer name.
  • # = Count will replace # with an increasing number for each layer.
  • # = Count (zero padded) will replace # with an increasing number for each layer with zero padding - eg. 0001.png.

Happy exporting!

Screenshot Screenshot
Puts itself into the file dialog The dialog for export options


The Gimp Wiki describes this pretty well To install the plug-in it's basically just copying the desired plug-in file to the Gimp plug-in directory.

Quick Linux example

Gimp 2.8 plug-in folder is in ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/.

cd /path/to/gimp-plug-ins
cp export-layers.py ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/

Now when you start Gimp the next time it should have loaded the plug-in.