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pyClickTrack is, as the name suggests, a python script to generate click tracks. A click track is commonly used by musicians to navigate and time the beat of any given song. Click tracks can be crucial in helping to keep the timing or tightness right when recording live or via a DAW.

pyClickTrack uses YAML (an easy to read plain text configuration file format) as input and standard WAVE (.wav) files as output - if ffmpeg or libav is present on the system pyClickTrack will unlock a very large range of output formats as it relies on pyDub as audio processing library.

Quick start

See if stuff works:

Linux (bash-like)

cd <path/to/pyClickTrack> python ./ Test.ct

Windows (cmd)

cd <path/to/pyClickTrack> python ./ Test.ct

The above should create a file named Test.wav in the current directory.