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-A little python script to generate click tracks.
+pyClickTrack is, as the name suggests, a python program to generate click tracks. A click track is commonly used by musicians to navigate and time the beat of any given song. Click tracks can be crucial in helping to keep the timing or *tightness* right when recording live or via a [DAW]( "Digital Audio Workstation").
+pyClickTrack uses [YAML]( "") (an easy to read plain text configuration file format) as input and standard WAVE (.wav) files as output - if ffmpeg or libav is present on the system pyClickTrack will unlock a very large range of output formats as it relies on [pyDub]( as audio processing library.
+Quick start
+See if stuff works:
+### Linux
+$ ``python pyClickTrack ./Test.ct``
+### Windows (if python is in path):
+C:\> ``python pyClickTrack Test.ct``
+The above should create a file named *Test.wav* in the current directory.
-TODO write something useful
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