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This is the raid module.

How to use it

Simply install and include raid in your node definition. I will do the rest. Or notice you if I can't do anything for you. Please open issue on github in that case including the output of facter -p.

You can check /usr/sbin/check-raid afterwards or simply point Nagios NRPE to command /usr/sbin/check-raid --nagios.

What's configurable?

There are some global variables you can set to configure e-mail based monitoring of your RAID.

  • Set raid_service to true or false to enable e-mail raid monitoring
  • Set raid_mailto to mail address or system user
  • Set raid_period to set seconds between checks
  • Set raid_remind to set seconds between remind mails

puppet version

Continuosly tested with Puppet Version 2.6.9, 2.7.14, 2.7.19 under Ruby 1.8.7 and JRuby.