DokuWiki plugin which displays boxes with four kinds of design for each note-type
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DokuWiki Note plugin

A plugin for DokuWiki which allows users to easily insert four kinds of notes into the wiki pages.


When you have it installed, use the following syntax <note>message</note>:



You can use the note keywords important, warning and tip to change the look of note as well

<note important>important</note>


<note tip>tip</note>


<note warning>warning</note>



It is regularly reported that the cache needs to be cleaned after installing the plugin before the notes do showup. At least a full page-reload (CTRL-F5) is required.


Currently this plugin has some limitations:

  • Plugin won't work inside numbered lists
  • Plugin won't work inside tables

Download / Installation

See DokuWiki's plugin page


  1. Download plugin/repo archive
  2. Installing the plugin:
    • You can either extract the archive into the lib/plugins directory or
    • Load the admin page and go to Manage Plugins and enter the URL of the plugin under Download and install the new plugin.-
  3. Update the Configuration Settings under the DokuWiki's admin page.


The plugin has been written from scratch by Olivier Cortéz. After the initial release it has been maintained by Olivier while he integrated several patches provided by the DokuWiki-community. Somewhere around the end of 2008 / start of 2009 Olivier started to became too busy with other (real-life) activities and occupations that active development and support halted. On 2009/06/15 Aurélien Bompard decided, after contacting Olivier Cortéz about it, to (temporarily) take-over maintenance and support for the plugin. On the same date Mischa The Evil opened a GitHub-repository for the plugin to make it a "real" community plugin. On the 16th a re-packaged release is available which "completed" the plugin (doc, license etc.).


Many thanks to the following DokuWiki developers (in random order):

  • Stephane Chamberland
  • Carl-Christian Salvesen
  • Eric Hameleers
  • Christopher Smith
  • Chris Lale
  • Pixote
  • Yves Bergeron
  • Taylor Jones
  • Luke
  • Frédéric
  • Kmosak
  • foosel
  • zerohalo


This plugin is open-source and licensed under the GNU GPL v.2.