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Boost Statechart Viewer

This clang plugin can visualize simple state machines implemented with
Boost Statechart library. It is able to visualize states (except for
orthogonal states) and transitions. The examples folder contains some
source code of state machines that can be visualized using this tool.

The input file for the tool is the source code of the state machine.
On the command line you need to specify all source locations for
finding header files in the same way as you do for normal compilation
(e.g. -I options for include files). As this is plugin for compiler
the program line works the same as normal compiler. The output format
is dot (part of Graphvis project) and the output file can be
transformed into the picture using classic dot commands.


Example of command line invocation:

    clang++ -Xclang -load -Xclang visualizer.so -Xclang -plugin -Xclang visualize-statechart -c file.cpp
    dot -Tpng file.dot > file.png


For compiling and running the plugin you need to have LLVM and clang
installed. The program should work with packages distributed with
common Linux distributions or you can download LLVM and clang from
repositories and compile it.

On Debian/Ubuntu the dependencies can be installed with:

    sudo apt-get install clang-3.5 libclang-3.5-dev build-essential graphviz

To compile the the plugin, simply run:


If you want to use a different clang/llvm version, run configure
before running make. For example:

  LLVM_CONFIG=llvm-config-3.5 ./configure

This program was tested with LLVM/Clang 3.5.

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs to boost-statechart-viewer@rtime.felk.cvut.cz.