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@LartTyler LartTyler released this 22 Aug 00:03
· 400 commits to master since this release


  • Removed Kiranico item, weapons, and armor scrapers in favor of other data sources, and Kiranico no longer appears to be updating frequently.
  • Merged elderseal scraper into MHWikiaWeaponScraper.
  • Merged defense value, armor set, and armor set bonus scrapers into MHWorldDataArmorScraper.
  • Weapon attribute values are now cased more consistently (i.e. all lowercase instead of mixed casing).
  • Added a durability field on weapons that lists a weapon's sharpness with handicraft taken into account (see MHWDB-Docs #33).
  • Removed unused scrapers and helper files / methods.
  • Removed fields deprecated by 1.11.0.

Breaking Changes

  • The following fields will now always be returned as lower case values:
    • Weapon.attributes.deviation
    • Weapon.attributes.specialAmmo
    • Weapon.attributes.deviation
    • Weapon.attributes.coatings
    • Weapon.attributes.boostType
  • Values in Weapon.attributes.phialType no longer contain the "phial" string, e.g. "Impact Phial" would become "impact" and "Dragon Phial 300" would become "dragon 300".
  • Values in Weapon.attributes.boostType no longer contain the "boost" string, e.g. "Sever Boost" would now be "sever".
  • Removed Weapon.attributes.attack field.


  • On items, buyPrice and sellPrice are now deprecated, and will be removed on 2018-08-25. Use the value field instead.
  • On weapons, the sharpness field is now deprecated, and will be removed on 2018-08-25. Use the durability field instead.