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# Explode String Splitter
# by Martin del Rio
# Created for LDPL 1.0
explode/words is text vector
explode/index is number
explode/string is text
explode/length is number
explode/stringlength is number
explode/current-token is text
explode/char is text
explode/separator is text
i is number
# Ask for a sentence
display "Enter a sentence: "
accept explode/string
# Declare explode Subprocedure
# Splits a text into a text vector by a certain delimiter
# Input parameters:
# - explode/string: the string to explode (destroyed)
# - explode/separator: the character used to separate the string (preserved)
# Output parameters:
# - explode/words: vector of splitted words
# - explode/length: length of explode/words
sub-procedure explode
join explode/string and explode/separator in explode/string
get length of explode/string in explode/stringlength
store 0 in explode/index
store 0 in explode/length
store "" in explode/current-token
while explode/index is less than explode/stringlength do
get character at explode/index from explode/string in explode/char
if explode/char is equal to explode/separator then
store explode/current-token in explode/words:explode/length
in explode/length solve explode/length + 1
store "" in explode/current-token
join explode/current-token and explode/char in explode/current-token
end if
in explode/index solve explode/index + 1
in explode/length solve explode/length - 1
end sub-procedure
# Separate the entered string
store " " in explode/separator
call sub-procedure explode
while i is less than or equal to explode/length do
display explode/words:i crlf
in i solve i + 1