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LDPL 2.2.0

@Lartu Lartu released this
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ldpl 2.2.0

What's new

This is LDPL Stable Release 2.2.0. Hooray! This new version brings a lot of new stuff to the table. First of all, many bugs have been fixed. Then, this new statements have been added to the language (and will be added to the reference later today):

  • CALL SUB-PROCEDURE procedureName was a bit lengthy and tiresome to write, so now you can use CALL procedureName instead if you want. The older version is still supported for compatibility.
  • In previous versions of LDPL, loading files required the use of hacky shenanigans using the EXECUTE function. Not anymore! Now you can use LOAD FILE filename IN variable to load the contents of a file into a text variable!
  • Along with LOAD FILE, you can now use WRITE x TO FILE y to write the value x to a file called y.
  • Along with WRITE x TO FILE y, you can now use APPEND x TO FILE y to append the value x to the file called y.
  • In previous versions of LDPL, pausing your program for a moment required usage of WHILE loops. That's not accurate, so in LDPL 2.2.0 the WAIT x MILLISECONDS command has been introduced. It does what the can says!
  • Joining more than two values in previous versions of LDPL required the usage of multiple JOIN statements, and that was kinda cumbersome. So now you can use IN variable JOIN value1 value2 value3 value4 ... to join as many values as you want in a text variable, in just one line of code!

Source Code

The source code for this release can be downloaded below.


LDPL has been tested and works on x64 Windows, x64 macOS, x64 Linux, ARMv8 Linux, PPC Linux and PPC OS X. Please download the source code and compile LDPL yourself by following the instructions detailed on Binaries for x64 Windows and Linux will be uploaded later today.