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@Lartu Lartu released this Apr 13, 2019 · 363 commits to master since this release

LDPL 3.0.0

What's new

This is LDPL 3.0.0, expanding the horizons of the language! This new version is the biggest update yet since the release of LDPL, mostly thanks to the tireless work of ʇʞʌp. LDPL now has C++ compatibility, so you can share LDPL variables and functions with C++ (and viceversa) and, among other things, use LDPL to create graphic applications (with SDL) or use any other C++ library you'd like (provided you write an LDPL compatible wrapper for it).

The new extension is documented in the reference. Support for LABEL and GOTO statements has also been added due to popular request, so you can go make Dijkstra turn in his grave (you monsters). There's also a new ELSE IF, with support for all the same statements as the regular IF.

This release has been tested and should work stably, but please report any bugs you find should you come across one.

Known Bugs

Due to a last minute addition, this release doesn't have a functioning ELSE statement. As a replacement you can use ELSE IF 0 IS EQUAL TO 0 THEN for now. This has been fixed in the repository.

Source Code

The source code for this release can be downloaded below.


Being a major LDPL release, Windows x64, macOS x64 and Linux x64 binaries are provided. LDPL 3.0.0 should also work on Windows x86, ARMv8 Linux, PPC Linux and PPC OS X. If you are on one of these platforms, please download the source code and compile LDPL yourself by following the instructions detailed on

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