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License: Apache 2.0

SSH Key Manager

This repo provides two scripts to manage your own SSH keys in Active Directory provided that you follow this blog post and this other blog post.


OS X & Linux

Install python-ldap as it is a requirement

pip install python-ldap

Now run the script and enter config info and your log in info, keeping in mind that your username should be your userPrincipleName ($username@corp.example.com)

$ python ssh-keyman.py

Config items you will be asked for will be stored in ~/.ssh-keyman. The can be cleared later on by using the --clear switch.

LDAP Server URI - The AD Server IP or FQDN
BASE DN - The top level OU where your user is located
SSH Key Attribute Name - The name of the attribute that holds your SSH keys in AD


This script requires an Administrator PowerShell prompt to execute. Please note that it will run under whatever user you are logged in as.

Run the script


and provide the SSH Key Attribute name, SSH Host and key to be added.



LasLabs Inc.

This module is maintained by LasLabs Inc.