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%p Remember, Ruby Weekend is geared for those with little or no programing experience; however anyone is welcome to attend.
%h1 Only $100
- %h3 That's right, just $100 for this two day event.
+ %h3 That's right, just $100 for a two day workshop.
- %p This is volunteer effort by The Las Vegas Ruby Group.
+ %p (This is volunteer effort by The Las Vegas Ruby Group.)
=link_to('View Refund Policy', refund_policy_path, :target => 'new')
@@ -63,5 +63,14 @@
%li= submit_tag("Submit Registration")
- %h2 The first Ruby Weekend sold out, get your spot today.
+ .sevencol.last
+ %h2 Quotes from previous Ruby Weekends
+ %p "The value of your 2 day conference far exceeds the [cost]. I've paid $1,000+ for conferences where I learned less!”
+ %p "Everything I expected and more. You guys are great fun and super presenters!"
+ %p "You had great presenters. Jeremy was especially exceptional."

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