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Las Vegas Ruby User Group Application for #VegasTech

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First #VegasTech Tweet:

Vegas Tech App

Las Vegas Ruby User Group Application for #VegasTech.



Create a .env file in the root of your repository, replacing each with your own consumer key and secret along with your OAuth token and secret:

export TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET=yoursecreet
export TWITTER_OAUTH_TOKEN=yourtoken
export TWITTER_OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET=yourtokensecret
export ADMIN_HANDLES=yourtwitterhandle

export TRACK_HASHTAG=vegastech

If necessary, you can create a new Twitter app. To load these environment variables, source your .env in a terminal:

cd /path/to/vegastech_app && source .env

To start the stream catcher, run:

source .env && ./script/stream

If you need to pull in recent tweets, run:

source .env && rake vegastech:tweet_catcher


cap deploy

== License

Ruby on Rails is released under the MIT license:

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