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A Python Client for the TeleCortex Protocol

The library

  • session used to keep track of connections to individual controllers
  • mapping used to create a list of pixel locations within a given image
  • interpolation is used to extract pixel data from an image using a pixel map.

Proof of Concept Scripts

These are a bunch of helpful examples to get you started. See the full list of PoCs at poc/


Since each script is a proof of concept that was written as the library was developing, there are slight variances in the way they are all configured. Most will have a SERVERS global variable that can be configured with details used to identify the devices that the script will talk to.

To get the serial port information for your device, use python -m --verbose


#              / This is the file
    desc: USB Serial                  #  / and this is the serial number
    hwid: USB VID:PID=16C0:0483 SER=3176930 LOCATION=20-1
     #  This is the VID/     \ This is the PID

Note for Teensy 3.2

on the teensys we used, the serial number obtained by is not reliable, and can sometimes bet set to None inexplicably. The file name can randomly disappear while the device is being used, and then reappear under a different name which was a nightmare to debug. This is why in our implementation, we used an EEPROM coded device ID to get around this. We also suggest using to run the scripts so that your script can be restarted automatically


Each proof of concept script has its own LOG_FILE which can be enabled with ENABLE_LOG_FILE. By default the scripts will log everything to the log file, and only log messages above STREAM_LOG_LEVEL to the console.

Some scripts will also allow you to preview the output in an opencv window with ENABLE_PREVIEW. This is disabled by default because of its performance impact.

More info

Blog posts


A Python Client for the TeleCortex Protocol




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