Combines Twitter Bootstrap and CodeIgniter together, allowing you to start programming your idea and skip the starting phase of programming (like creating login boxes and menu bars).
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CodeIgniter Bootstrap kick starts the development process of the web development process by including Twitter Bootstrap into CodeIgniter. It also includes certain libraries such as AWS and Facebook in-case you are developing applications requiring those SDKs. So stop writing the same code over again and start working on your idea.


You will need a proper web server that can run PHP 5.0 or higher. I will also suggest using a MySQL database, though you also encouraged to use other libraries that support a better database like MongoDB.

##Included Libraries

You can load the several libraries included in CodeIgniter-Bootstrap. These libraries can be worked on an extended on through the directory application/libraries. You will also need to edit the configuration files for these SDKs, located at application/config.

###Amazon Web Services PHP SDK

$this->aws->s3->create_object('bucket', array());

More information on the actual SDK can by viewed here:

###Facebook PHP SDK


More information on the Facebook SDK is on:

###MongoDB Library

$this->mongo_db->where_gte(); // not a finished code

View the MongoDB library for CodeIgniter here:

##Styling your CSS and HTML

By convention, you want to write your HTML documents in the views. They are located at application/views. In order to load those views, your controller has to then include the view (including the header and footer view).

In order to edit your styles, you should be editing assets/css/custom.css. All your images should go into assets/img/ and your Javascript code should go into assets/js/custom.js. By default, custom.css and custom.js are included in the view/include/header.php. You should insert proper lines into this file to include your other resources.