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PXL - An interactive concert experience.

PXL is a web application designed to utilize the phone screens of concert-goers as pixels of a communal screen. Each phone can select an event with predetermined bounds that enable the phone to change colors depending on it's location.

This allows PXL to display images, patterns, animations, and more through the participation of each pixel.


The homepage displays multiple events and descriptions, allowing the user to select which event they want to participate in. Clicking an event will route the user to a page that displays a color depending on location and set pattern.

PXL has extremely flexible integration of different patterns. Using an admin console, the event owners can control the pattern displayed on each event. For testing, a rainbow pattern is set to use latitude to determine color.


PXL is a react application designed for mobile devices. UI formatting and geolocation services are not intended to be used on desktop.

If the events page is blank, we most likely went over our firebase data limit! Please wait til next month :)


This app was built by Wolfgang HellicksonSabelhaus, Vasanth Sadhasivan, Zach Zulanas, Bernard Zhao, and Lasse Nordahl.

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