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A Lasso syntax mode for Coda 2.5. This is a replacement for the original LassoScript-HTML mode included in Coda, and comes with improved file recognition, syntax highlighting, code folding, autocompletion, support for the navigator sidebar, and full support for Lasso 9 syntax.


Download/extract the zip or clone this repo, rename the folder to Lasso-HTML.mode, and double-click the resulting package. Or, drop into ~/Library/Application Support/Coda 2/Modes. If that folder doesn't exist, create it.

Then, to have Coda use the mode, either:

  • open Coda's Preferences and assign the ".lasso" and ".inc" extensions to Lasso-HTML under Editor > Custom Syntax Modes

  • inside the Coda application package, remove the old LassoScript-HTML mode from Contents/Resources/


Syntax highlighting

  • Full support for Lasso 9 syntax, including all delimiter styles ([ ... ], <?LassoScript / <?lasso / <?= ... ?>), tag literals, backticked strings, doc comments, and define statements.

  • Folding works on both 9-style braces blocks and 8-style container blocks, for all container tags that Lasso 8 ships with. Will still fold if the block is interspersed with sections of HTML. Also folds between Lasso delimiters.

    • The default fold level is 2, so the ⌘ command + ⇧ shift + ↑ up shortcut will fold blocks inside delimiters, but not the delimiter blocks themselves.
  • Ignores square brackets after [no_square_brackets] is encountered, and all delimiters in a [noprocess] ... [/noprocess] block.

  • Inherits from other modes to highlight HTML, CSS, and JavaScript where appropriate.

  • A file starting with an open square or angle bracket is assumed to be HTML with Lasso between delimiters; otherwise, it's read as a Lasso library or shell script.

  • Highlights Lasso 8's built-in types and tags, and Lasso 9's built-in types, traits, and unbound methods; as well as language keywords, variables, strings, numerals, method calls, keyword parameters, tag literals, logical operators, and comments.


The Navigator sidebar generates a clickable list of elements in the current file for quickly jumping to points in the code. The following types of entries are supported:

  • C: define_type and Lasso 9 type definitions
  • T: Lasso 9 trait definitions
  • (): define_tag and Lasso 9 unbound method definitions
  • M: Lasso 9 member methods
  • E: Lasso 9 externally-defined member methods
  • #: include and library statements
  • folder: namespace_using
  • !: versioning conflicts
  • bookmark: reminders in comments, indicated by // CAPS:
  • : important reminders in comments, indicated by // CAPS!
  • (no icon): markers in comments, indicated by //- mark Text or //! Text


  • Includes all built-in types, traits, unbound methods, and keywords in the autocomplete dictionary. (Generated using this script.)

    • Autocomplete for Lasso 8-only tags is provided by this plugin.
  • Names from type/trait/method definitions, variable definitions or references, or imported trait references in the current file or other open files referenced with include statements are added to the autocomplete dictionary on-the-fly.


  • Associated with the filename extensions ".lasso", ".lasso8", ".lasso9", ".las", & ".incl", plus files starting with a Lasso delimiter or hashbang.

  • Line or block comments can be added/removed with the ⌘ command + / slash shortcut, depending on the current selection.


  • Only boolean operators are highlighted, but there's a commented-out regex in SyntaxDefinition.xml that covers all operators.

  • Coda's PHP mode already claims ".inc" files, so you'll want to change that in the Preferences if you use that extension. (It also currently claims any files containing <?, but that only applies to filenames without a recognized extension.)

Known Issues

  • Doesn't currently work with SubEthaEdit 3.5 or 4.

  • Folding of container tag blocks requires that if such a block is interrupted by HTML, the closing tag needs to be enclosed with the same style of delimiters (square vs. angle brackets) as the opening tag.

  • When member method definitions are separated by commas rather than keywords, a method definition not surrounded by braces will cause the next method not to appear in the navigator sidebar.

  • [no_square_brackets] will cause the highlighter to ignore square brackets among plain HTML and within <script> and <style> blocks, but not inside HTML tags or tag attributes. (This is technically fixable, but would increase the highlighter's complexity considerably.)

  • [no_square_brackets] isn't recognized when it appears among markup that's inside a container block or braces block, nor in <script> or <style> blocks.

  • A closing [/noprocess] among HTML/XML will work only if it's nested at the same level as its opening [noprocess].

  • HTML tag blocks aren't foldable, since they frequently overlap Lasso delimiter blocks.

  • For comma-separated variable definitions (e.g. local(a = 1, b = 2) or var(x, y) = (:3, 4)), the parser adds only the first in the list to the autocomplete dictionary.