Boxie Coody - An GitHub Game Off 2016 Game
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Boxie Coody - An HTML5 Puzzle Game

Boxie Coody is an Sokuban-like puzzle game, participating GitHub Game Off 2016.


It is your first day as a worker of BoxieHub. Coody, your fellow robot, will teach how to finish your daily work.

Welcome to BoxieHub!


In this game, you can

  • meet Coody the cute robot
  • move the boxies with the Coody's help
  • hack Coody (really?)

How to Play

Play at with latest Chrome or Firefox.

Use mouse to control, or keyboard shortcuts

  • space to communicate
  • arrow keys or WASD to move
  • [1] [2] to use a special program
  • [R] to undo last step
  • [L] to reset whole level (secret :)


LastFlower Team (LastLeaf, tongtongggggg)

  • Game design: LastLeaf, tongtongggggg
  • Coding: LastLeaf
  • Art & SE: LastLeaf, tongtongggggg

Special Thanks to Chossy Zhang for testing and advices.

Our GitHub Game Off 2015 Game, A Lighted Story is also playable at GitHub Pages. Play A Lighted Story



About the Code and Tools

This game is based on HTML5 technologies. Unlike HTML5 canvas games, this game is largely based on SVG and simple DOM animations, so that it can work without any game framework.

Some SVG graphics is done with Inkscape. Sound effects is done with LMMS and GeneralUser GS.


The content of this game is under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. The software of this game is under MIT LICENSE. The Varela Round font is under Open Font License.