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Get Satisfaction Ruby library

Please check our Web site for the latest documentation:

Web API documentation

Ruby library documentation

For questions, please visit the Get Satisfaction API community



  • Fixed Sfn::Loader#get so it uses cached content when a 304 Not Modified is received.


  • Handle HTTP 502/504 for unicorn.


  • Fixed a divide-by-zero bug.


  • Fixed a security issue with the resource associations and attributes.
  • Provide a more descriptive error message when the client tries to access a community that has restricted its identity provider.


  • Fixed known issue with scoping. Calling resource methods could potentially change scope for other objects. For example:

    sfn =
    sfn2 =
    person = sfn.peson.get('jargon')
    topics =, :order => 'recently_created') # Jargon's topics
    sfn2.topics # Also Jargon's topics

    This now behaves as expected (where topics and sfn2.topics would be scoped to the set of all i topics)


  • The biggest change is that we're using exceptions to indicate error conditions. This will make it easier to detect errors, especially when chaining methods. We've also made it easier to tell when the site is in maintenance mode.
  • Moved repository to
  • Updated gemspec to include all dependencies.
  • Using Nokogiri instead of Hpricot
  • Improved testing. Original tests ran against production. Our specs now use Fakeweb instead of trying to connect to a server. There still aren't very many specs, but changes in this release have coverage.
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