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PyBack - A Python backup tool

This backup script, at the moment, only backs up to Rackspace Cloud.


First, modify to match your environment and backup demands. Then, check the Documentation folder for requirements pertaining to each of the providers you choose to use (ie, rackspace.txt, mysql.txt, etc.)

Then, simply call with the type of backup to perform: Daily Weekly Monthly

Adding backup providers

New backup destination providers can be added by creating an appropriately named class in the "backup_providers" folder. Classes must contain the following methods, other than the standard init:

checkLocation(self, base_dir, backup_type)

This method should first check to ensure the target location exists, and create it if it doesn't. It should accept an argument of the base backup directory - it should then check to ensure that directory exists, and then subsequently check for each of the Daily/Weekly/Monthly folders, and create any directories that do not exist.

pushBackup(self, backup_name, location)

This method should push the final backup. It should the name of the backup file as a string, and the filesystem path to the backup file (but not including the file name in the string)

rotateBackup(self, maxFiles)

This method should check the number of backups of the current type, and check that against the maxFile setting in The only argument it should accept is the integer value of the max number of backups to keep of the current backup type

A provider.txt file should also be created in the Documentation folder, that outlines requirements for that provider

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