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Free-And-open-Software-for-Game-Development / Software libre y abierto para el desarrollo de videojuegos

A list of FOSS and Multiplatform tools and resources for Game Development / una lista de herramientas y recursos libre, de código abierto y multiplataforma para el desarrollo de videojuegos



Many resources on the web about game development are supported under privative software, many people don't have the money to pay licenses and prefer to copy the software ilegally, those privative software create dependency on the people, they began to believe that there is only a way to develop their work, using an unique software and operative system putting on theirselves "digtal handcuffs".

I'm a programmer, game developer and artist that "discovered" another way, a world beyond the privative software, the FOSS (Free and open source software), I want to share the resources and tools that can help people to see beyond.

(This software is cross-platform and can run on OSX-GNU/Linux and Windows)


Muchos recursos en la web sobre el desarrollo de juegos son compatibles con software privativo, muchas personas no tienen el dinero para pagar licencias y prefieren copiar el software ilegalmente, esos programas privativos crean dependencia en las personas, estas comenzaron a creer que hay sólo un único camino para desarrollar su trabajo, utilizando un determinado software y un determinado sistema operativo poniéndose "esposas digitales".

Soy un programador, desarrollador de juegos y artista que "descubrió" la otra manera, un mundo más allá del software privativo, el software libre y de código abierto FOSS. Quiero compartir los recursos y herramientas que pueden ayudar a las personas a ver más allá.

(Este software es multiplataforma y puede correr en OSX, GNU/Linux y Windows)

Game engines / Motores de videojuegos

  • Unity Free and powerful Game engine with a huge comunnity

Unity is a free and very popular engine to create 2D and 3D games for web, consoles, desktop and mobile devices, it uses C# as script language allowing you to create very powerful tools for your games.

It has a lot of free tutorials and resources on the web and a huge community that can help you or you can use treir resources on your games through the embed store.

Some examples:

The GNU/Linux version can be installed on Arch Linux and based distros through AUR using unity-editor, for more information visit this Link.

For another distros you can download the latest package on the last post of this official forum.

  • Godot Engine The free, light and opensource game engine made in Argentina

  • Gdevelop A elegant and beauty games creator for newbies

  • JavaScript

JavaScript has a lot of game engines, you can explore them on this link

Some examples of JavaScript games made with this engines:

Source code editors / Editores de código

  • Atom The simple but powerful editor developed by Github

  • Visual Studio Code The Microsoft opensource editor

  • Notepad++ Is an open source replacement for the original Notepad program (which comes with Windows) and supports several languages. Even though it is built for Microsoft Windows, it can also run on Linux, Unix, BSD and Mac OS X (using Wine).

Graphic Design - Animation / Diseño Gráfico - Animación


  • Krita

The definitive illustration and animation Software

alt text

Krita is a professional and powerful free software for illustration, also you can animate in 2D with it

Wolverine animation with krita

alt text

You can download it on: Krita

  • Gimp The GNU raster graphics editor

  • Aseprite A free and powerful pixel art editor

  • Piskel The free and online editor for your animated sprites & pixel art

  • InkScape A powerful vector graphics editor

  • Font Forge Powerful and FOSS font editor


  • Blender The Powerful computer graphics editor


  • Musescore The best mode to compose music in the classic way

  • Tuxguitar The best alternative to guitar tab editors

  • Audacity The light And simple audio editor

  • Ardour The powerful digital audio workstation

  • LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) Free software audio workstation

  • Sunvox The simple way to create Chiptunes

  • Deflemask A great software to create native music for retro videogame consoles

  • Kid3 A simple and beautiful audio tagger


  • OBS open broad caster software The best and most complete tool for recording your screen.

  • Openshot A simple video editor

  • Kdenlive The powerful video editor

  • DaVinci Resolve 15 Freemium Professional and powerful video editor

  • Natron Open Source Compositing Software For VFX and Motion Graphics

Writing / Escritura

  • Libre Office The free office suite

  • Twine The simple way to create non-linear histories

  • WPS Office A powerful office suite

  • Google Docs Free online editor for your documents


  • Open Game Art Free resources for your games (sprites, tiles, music)

  • Open font library Free fonts for your projects


  • GPL The Gnu public license

  • MIT The MIT license

  • Creative Commons For your no software resources (designs, art, books)

  • BSD License The Berkeley software Distribution License